My “Just for Fun” projects are just that. They give me the opportunity to create, learn and just have fun with my photography. The truth is my photography business in mostly an avenue to do these kinds of things. It goes a long way to finance and give a little legitimacy to these creative projects. If you take the time to go through my galleries I hope you can see I’ve come a long way with my photography since I started doing this.

I’m always looking for people to work with me. My “models” always receive free prints and a web gallery from the sessions. You won’t be hassled to purchase anything. All my “Just for Fun” projects are done with no desire to profit. If you’re interested in working with me on a session message me.

My requirements for models are:

1. I must have a model release. While the sessions are free, they’re also the best advertisement for my business.

2. I retain copyright to all images. No outside editing or copying is allowed.

3. If you share any of the images you tag me and Dave’s LifeStyle Photography (I encourage sharing).

4. You have some patience. These sessions are meant to be creative and learn. It may take some experimentation.

5. You come to sessions expecting to have fun!

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Natalie, pin up session at Caddo

Natalie has worked with me on several projects. This is my favorite. Caddo’s retro look was a perfect location and the car provided by Tom and Debbie Jones was ideal. The sessions are always better when they are a cooperative effort. I depend a lot on other’s ideas and encourage the people who help to share. Also, it goes a long way in making the session a success when the model shows up dressed for the creative idea and ready to have fun with it.

Nicole Anderson, Great Gatsby Just for fun session at my studio

Nicole came by the studio for her just for fun session with a 1920's flapper theme and she was awesome. I love doing these themed fun shoots. Click on the picture to go to the gallery.

Colton and his frog

First picture I took of Colton was a snapshot at Bible School. That lead to family pictures then this “Just for Fun” idea. It took a bit of extra effort to make it great. The capture of the bullfrog to include was of most importance. Like a bashful model, I haven’t’ seen him again since his release into my pond.

Lexi at Lake Texoma

Lexi has been awesome to work with. Whether it’s been portraits for the Westside Dentistry, senior pictures or the Just for Fun projects she’s been a great model. A favorite fun session is sunset at the lake. Loved this shoot at the Ranger Station at Lake Texoma.

Sunsets always present a lot of challenges to get a great picture. Adjust off camera flash to show off the sunset without over or under exposing the model. Then there’s the wind and water at the lake. Carrying equipment to just the right location. Just about the time you think you have it perfect the sun goes down and everything changes. Got to work quick. If you get it right it’s worth the effort.


Luke is my most recent “Just for Fun” model. I’ve been hounding him for years to let me photograph him. When you think of Luke you have to think of cowboy and Christian. He’s the real deal too. I don’t think he had any idea of what I had in mind when he came to the studio. I had told him earlier I wanted him to come in straight after work, unshaven, and not all “prettied” up. Oh, and I needed him to wear the hat. I know he must have thought he was in the company of a lunatic when I was racing around the studio looking for just the right light modifier then making adjustments, taking light measurements. My favorite picture came when he quit paying much attention to me and just looked down at the Bible. Perfection.

Actually inspiration is partly, well, mostly shared with inspiration from the song by The Band, The Weight: "Go down, Miss Moses, there's nothin' you can say It's just ol' Luke, and Luke's waitin' on the Judgement Day".

It seems songs, poems, and quotes are the inspiration for a lot of my sessions.

Ashley Cecil

Ashley is my latest model for my “Just for Fun” self-assignments. She came by the studio for a little “get to know you” session. It really helps to meet and discuss ideas before we work together. It gives an opportunity to figure a little out about style and personality that fits upcoming sessions. Also, it gives me a chance to work with different styles and types of lighting in the studio. Not every setup works with everyone. While it’s easy to be disappointed with the results doing it this way, sometimes it’s good to know what doesn’t work. I have no doubt Ashley and I are going to create something special. Be looking for what comes next.

Ashley at the lake

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So, this is the next thing. A sunset session at the Ranger Station at Lake Texoma with a parachute dress. Now this was different. Lighting everything proved to be a real problem. Then there's the problem of fluffing the dress. Couldn't do it without a friend's help. Then a lot of post editing. One of those shoot a hundred pictures to get what I want and even then I don't seem to ever be satisfied. Always look at a picture and think I could have done it better. It makes these projects never ending.


Jennifer was my latest model for a “Just for Fun” project. I have to give her a lot of credit for being patient with me on this project. This time I’m experimenting with using colored gels on lights. I still have a lot to learn with this. Ready to give it another try soon.


Teryn in studio for a just for fun session

Teryn is a regular Just For Fun model. Always good for a fun and quirky theme. I like it when people who want to work with me on my Just For Fun sessions come with an idea or theme.